Soncera | Tiles & Bathware

Soncera is one brand that makes
perfection not an act but a habit.

When one thinks of successful Sanitary Ware and tiles brands from India that have been leaders in Exports,
they think of SONCERA. Wide range of elegant Products, state of the art manufacturing facility and an undeterred
focus on export worthy quality have earned SONCERA the brand value that they command across the world.

With a keen eye on design, inspired by modern, natural styles and motivated to remain top brand, the management of Sonam Ceramics and Spolo ceramic Pvt. Ltd. Are consistently improving its processes and products to beat global competition.

With 20 years of consistently serving global markets with supply of fresh sanitary ware designs that awes and inspires luxurious living, we pride ourselves to be the key proponents of fulfilling stylish dreams for wash rooms.

Our key products that has impressed the world are Sanitary ware, Wall tiles and GVT/PGVT.

"Products change, brand values don't"

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A string of achievements is always an evidence of excellence that we have delivered across
years of service to the industry, markets and society as a whole.
"Brand Leadership is achieved, never gifted"

2200+ Clients

25+ Countries

500+ Tiles Design

250+ Dealers

18+ Years of Experience

200+ Bathware Products

8+ Product Finish

We trusted since 1999

4 Manufacturing Units

3 Lac+ Sqm./Month Production

10+ Product Design Developers

500+ Projects

Advanced Technology From ITALY

Quality And Innovation

Quality And Innovation.

What comes first, quality or innovation? Well, for SONCERA, they go hand in hand, day in day out.

We have cultivated a habit in our people to promote quality in all their acts driven by innovation. Quality, thus is not an act but an attitude catalyzed by sheer determination to deliver the best and only the best.

Innovation at Soncera group of companies is displayed in behaviors of people, application of processes and exquisiteness of products. Consistently employing innovation helps our global customers recognize us as and learning and growing brand.

In a demanding world, change is the only constant and innovation is the backbone of progressive change.


We follow up based on a task set by the customer in which
the customer likewise appoints some basic leadership.


We exceed expectations through our creativity, from design and manufacturing
to delivering intelligent customer solutions through products and commercial innovation.


Let's continue to be brave. To drive improvement and innovation, to keep challenging and allowing ourselves to be challenged. We're not the 'norm' and never will be. We believe in providing modern solutions for our customers to ensure the sustainable future of our business and shared community.


We have worked hard to create our brand and have built our future collaboratively together, moving forward without fear of a changing world. This takes honesty,
loyalty and respect, values we are proud to be associated with.


We're proud to be an Indian manufacturer, supporting traditional craftsmanship and responsibly producing quality ceramic and glass tiles to the India and to also export globally.


Soncera is leading brand of sanitaryware

While Sonam Ceramic is the leading brand of Sanitary ware, Spolo is the preferred GVT/PGVT supplier to the world.
With the same management ethos, the companies thrive to become achievers in ceramic sector.

Their names have been synonymous with quality of products, hassle free buying and respectful business deals that
lead to win- win situations. The core of long term business relations is trust, and we know how to build and maintain it.

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