Satisfy the thirst for elegance and simplicity.
Sip the cocltail of beauty and substance.
Drink the brew of comfort and excitment.
Get into an inspiring relationship.
You and Soncera.

The Brand

Soncera is one brand that makes perfection not an act but a habit. Inspired by style, elegance and flair, it excels at imbibing the inspirational rays in your lives with its company, Sonam Ceramics, which specializes in fulfilling your dreams with its quality and eminence.

The company is the first SSI sanitaryware manufacturer in India to acquire the ISI quality mark for its products. The first SSI sanitaryware producer in India to receive the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification for its processes. The first SSI sanitaryware producer in India to attain the ISO 1400:1996 for its eco-friendly systems.


  • 21 + Export Countries
  • 700 + Designes
  • 2200 + Clients
  • 500 + Dealers